DNA Repair Pathways

DNA Repair Pathways

January 3, 2022

DNA Repair Mechanisms

  • Living organisms contain many enzymes that scan their DNA for damage and initiate repair processes when damage is detected
  • E. coli cells possess five well-characterized mechanisms for the repair of defects in DNA: (1) Direct Repair pathways( light-dependent repair or photoreactivation; direct alkylated base repair pathway (2) excision repair, (3) mismatch repair, (4) postreplication repair, and (5) the error-prone repair system (SOS response).
  • Moreover, there are at least two different types of excision repair, and the excision repair pathways can be initiated by several different enzymes, each acting on a specific kind of damage in DNA.
  • Mammals seem to possess all of the repair mechanisms found in E. coli except photoreactivation .
  • The importance of DNA repair pathways to human health is clear. Inherited disorders such as xeroderma pigmentosum vividly document the serious consequences of defects in DNA repair.

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