Oxidative Phosphorylation V:​ Inhibitors and Uncouplers​

Oxidative Phosphorylation V:​ Inhibitors and Uncouplers​

April 8, 2022

Oxidative Phosphorylation V: Inhibitors and Uncouplers

  • Inhibitors and uncouplers have been very useful in determining complete sequence of electron transport chain and understanding the mechanism of oxidative phosphorylation

Inhibitors of Complexes I, II, and III Block Electron Transport 

  • Rotenone is a common insecticide that strongly inhibits the NADH–UQ reductase. Rotenone is obtained from the roots of several species of plants. 
  • Amytal, and other barbiturates, Piericidin A (an antibiotics) and the widely prescribed painkiller Demerol inhibit Complex I by inhibiting reduction of coenzyme Q and the oxidation of the Fe-S clusters of NADH–UQ reductase.
  • Antimycin A, inhibit complex III by blocking electron flow from heme bH to Q, binds at QN, close to heme bH on the N (matrix) side of the membrane. 

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