Life cycle of M13 Bacteriophage​

Life cycle of M13 Bacteriophage​

February 18, 2022

Life cycle of M13 Bacteriophage

  • They are single strand DNA phages.  M13 phage is related to Fd and Fi class of phages.
  • M13 phage is 895 nm long and 6 nm thick, the central core is 2.5nm wide.  
  • The DNA is packed in linear but in helical form and contains a 100 nt ds long hairpin like structure at one end of it called intergenic region (IG).  This region contains signals for viral packaging and also contains origin sequences for minus strand as well as plus strand synthesis.  
  •  All along the length of 6407 nt, M13 genomic DNA is covered by protein subunits called gp8. There are 2700 to 3000 subunits per phage particle.   Association of subunits is 4.5 subunits per one helical turn of the DNA.
  • The phage shows certain morphological polarity, in the sense; it has two sets of distinct proteins localized at front end of the phage and another two sets at the opposite end. 

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