Genetic code and Wobble Hypothesis

Genetic code and Wobble Hypothesis

January 2, 2022

Genetic code

Genetic code is the set of 64 nucleotide triplets that specify the 20 amino acids and polypeptide chain initiation and termination.
Properties of genetic code

  • The genetic code is non-overlapping.
  •  The genetic code is comma-free.
  • The genetic code is degenerateThe occurrence of more than one codon per amino acid is called degeneracy
  • The degeneracy in the genetic code is highly ordered​​
  • The genetic code is ordered​​
  • The genetic code contains start and stop codons
  • Start codon: AUG; GUG occasionally
  • Termination codons: UAG, UAA, and UGA
  • The genetic code is nearly universal

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