Eukaryotic Transcription and Post-transcriptional modifications

Eukaryotic Transcription and Post-transcriptional modifications

January 1, 2022

Eukaryotic transcription and Post-transcriptional modification (5’capping and 3’ poly (A) tailing) 

  1. Overall process of RNA synthesis in eukaryotes is quite complex.
  2. Transcription takes place in the nucleus.
  3. Transcription units in eukaryotes are mostly monogenic.
  4. Five different RNA polymerases are present each for the transcription of a specific class of genes.
  5. Eukaryotic RNA polymerases require the  assistance of transcription factors in order to initiate the synthesis of RNA chains.
  6. Protein coding primary transcripts (mRNA) undergo three major post-transcriptional modifications prior to their transport to the cytoplasm for translation
  • 5′ – 7-Methyl guanosine capping 
  • 3′ Poly(A) tailing 
  • If present, intron sequences are spliced out of transcripts

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