Allosteric Control of enzymes​  and Isozymes/Isoenzymes​ Lactate dehydrogenase)​

Allosteric Control of enzymes​ and Isozymes/Isoenzymes​ Lactate dehydrogenase)​

March 9, 2022

Allosteric Control of enzymes​: Feedback Inhibition; Properties of Allosteric control; Models for Allosteric regulation: The Symmetry Model (MWC model); The Sequential Model (KNF model); Allosteric regulation of Aspartate Transcarbomylase (ATCase);

Different forms of enzymes​ (Isozymes/Isoenzymes) Lactate dehydrogenase

Regulatory Strategies

  • In cells, thousands of catabolic and anabolic reactions are continuously being taking place. Almost all the metabolic reactions are catalyzed by Enzymes. 
  • Many metabolic intermediates have catabolic as well as anabolic roles. These intermediates channeled to different metabolic fate meet the demand of cells
  • To control  the catabolic and anabolic pathways according to the needs of cells in time and space, cell adapts various regulatory strategies which sense the transitory needs of the cell and adjust the catalytic activities of enzymes accordingly. 
  • These catalytic strategies ensures the harmonious integration of the diverse reactions of metabolism  according to the time and space.

    The catalytic activity of the proteins is regulated in four principal ways:

    • Allosteric control
    • Multiple forms of enzymes (Isoenzymes)
    • Reversible covalent modification
    • Proteolytic activation (Zymogen activation)

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